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Bing Speech Recognition - Run A Script When Wake Word Is Heard

There is an option to use a wake word in the Bing Speech Recognition skill to start Bing listening. Is it possible to add the option to automatically excite a script when this wake word is recognized?

The Speech Recognition skill has this option and it's very useful. For example when I use the Speech Recognition skill and place a script in it's Enable CMD window I can have the robot blink lights, move a part or speak a phrase as it starts listening for a command. I know you have provided an option for the Bing skill to use a sound clip for this but it would be useful to have the ability to have the robot do more when it receives the wake word.

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It would be easier for you to add the speech recognition robot skill simultaneously than for synthiam to program that feature.

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OK, I actually already have both of these skills loaded and running. I've been using the Speech Recognition skill to listen for the wake word and start Bing listening. I also have a script in the Speech Recognition skill to run when that word is heard to blink lights and move a part of the robot to give me a clue that it was heard. However now that the Bing skill is working so nice with a wake word option I thought it would be a good thing to streamline and simplify my ARC project by being able to use just the one skill (Bing) for my voice recognition needs. No worries as long as things run smooth and quickly I'll keep doing what I have been doing.



Awesome - glad that works! Workarounds are way easier:)