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Bing Speech Plugin Obsolete ?

Hey guys,

I just tried the two following plugins :

  • Advanced Bing Speech Recognition (Last update : 2/6/2018) Called nowadays Microsoft Azure Cognitive Speech service

User-inserted image

  • Bing Text to Speech (Last update : 9/16/2017) Called nowadays Microsoft Azure Cognitive Speech service

User-inserted image

However, the "basic" offline Bing Text To Speech, that doesn't require any API key is working great.

The API keys were put correctly and are working on a personnal plugin that I'm programing (Both Tts & Stt). They maybe changed the authentification method ? As IBM did with Watson. Microsoft is now providing these informations :

User-inserted image

I'm using Windows 10, 64 Bits and ARC Version 2018.09.30.02 EDIT : Also tried with version 2018.11.18.01

Thank you

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Bing Speech works for me no problem... you need to update your ARC and use the regular Bing speech control (not advanced Bing Speech)


Hey, As I mentionned, I updated to the last version and the problem is still here, and yes the regular Bing Speech works but not the advanced.

Now you can deploy your Microsoft Azure on different server location as IBM is doing with Watson. So you have different server address regarding the region, that's probably why the plugins aren't working anymore :

I'm just giving the info for the dev, I'm not using the plugins but I would be interested to see the code thought. Moreover, I have a working code on C# for the Authentification to Microsoft Azure Speech service, I can share it.


Oh boy, If this is true, I hope we have an update to the plugin soon. I plan to use this at CES and need a subscription and the advanced Bing Speech. @DJ will there be an update to this soon?


there's nothing wrong with the advanced bing speech recognition plugin. I'm using it right now.

I have no idea what that other plugin you posted was. The adavnced bing speech recognition works great. Paste the key from the portal. I provided the information you require

User-inserted image


Getting my keys now.........................................!!!


As I mentionned before. I'm from Europe and now there is different Microsoft Azure servers regarding your location.

There is no field to enter a different endpoint server, only the Api Key one. So I guess it's the US one in the plugin, so if your service is deployed in US, then yes it's still working.

I'm using the same API Key with the correct endpoint server (Europe one) on a personnal plugin I'm developing and it works.


DJ has addressed the endpoint and will release an updated plug in as soon as the plugins are up for download.


The advanced speech recognition has been updated. have fun:D