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Bing Speech, Cognitive Vision, And Emotion Questions

The new plugins for Bing Speech, Microsoft Cognitive Vision, and Emotion do not have a place to enter the API Key. They all report 'Server was unable to process request. --> Incorrect username/password or unknown user'


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It uses your username/password for ARC. You must not haven't logged into ARC, do that :)


I second that, I too updated the lastest and greatests and API Key entry appears to be missing from the configuration screen.


Oh WOW, that is a mighty big change Dennis! I mean that change only happened since the plugins were updated today 1/4/18. Previously we did need our own Azure accounts and our own API keys, but now we are all using EZ-Robots account for these services?


But it does work (like Dennis said) as long as you are logged in under ARC/Account Settings and your user ID (email) and password for your ARC account are in there.

That certainly makes it easier for all us! Well done EZ-Robot!


If you think you’re logged into ARC, your credentials are incorrect as the message stated. Please read the message, as it explains that the credentials are either missing or incorrect.

Yeah, you’re using ezrobot’s account. The service now routes through our servers. This prevents you from having to get your own license information to Microsoft. You can now work through us directly.

This is because Microsoft kept changing their interfaces and links, making it difficult for ezrobot to keep up with providing directions for you users to create accounts. It was my original plan to benefit Microsoft by having ezrobot users create separate accounts that contribute to their service. After a few recent conversations with Microsoft, they strangely don’t care about how many accounts are registered with their service - which is strange because user data is important.

So, since it’s okay for Microsoft to ask us for help and not the other way around, we will now own the user accounts.


That is awesome DJ, but won't that get expensive for EZ-Robot (or did you get a deal from Microsoft). Thought these services were only free for a finite (large, but still limited) number of transactions per month.


Alan, we’ll use this time to evaluate the usage and explore associated costs. We’re considering offering a monthly service bundle fee, which includes direct access to support and additional product warranty. We’re throwing some ideas around - first thing is to explore this service usage.

There will be a portal in your user account page in the next few days that allows you to view your cognitive service usage history.


JD, How can you make things so easy for us DIY experimenters/builders?

Speech, Vision, and Emotion are working very well.

Thanks, and a belated Happy New Year to you and all the crew a EZ-Robots.



Is there a way to keep using my keys with the new plugins ?


Ptp, no - but you can always make your own plugin :). I can send to the code for the old plugin and you can maintain it.



It was bold move.

I just updated the ARC in all machines and i assumed the plugins updates were related to the (Closing event).

I didn't kept a backup of the old versions.


Here you go - add your GUID's to the plugin.xml and your own images. You can maintain the code for people using their own license keys.