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Beta ARC 2012.04.10.00 (15.5 Firmware)

This is a beta firmware for anyone with ports going high randomly.

Let me know if it still happens with this version. I'm struggling to find out what is going on inside the PIC. I'm starting to think I found a static bug in the PIC itself. I need more testing before I can make that claim:P <- Right Click, Save As

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thanks man.....testing it tonight...


I just tested it, and unfortunately, something is still not right. Some of the lower ports come on randomly now, and I notice the ping will not show a reading now. As it scans, it just shows red dots along the top of the green half sphere, not matter how close or far an object is. I tried it on different ports, does the same. I will keep testing, and let you know what i come across.....


ok, when hooking up to either firmware update OR ARC it hooks up fine.

Next I tried to go on the cloud. This procedure disconnected it. I tried several times and it always disconnected.



More info, that might help, I just connected the H-Bridge controller to ports 15-19, with 19 being PWM. It seems to be working correctly. It has not randomly started moving for no reason. I can control it with the arrow keys on the laptop, with no problem,* however I did test the ping on all ports, and it still does not read, I check into it further, and it appears that when you have the minimum distance detected set at 19 or lower number, as the ping radar "scans" it goes forward only. It still does not detect anything, and when you choose any number, 20 or higher, as it "scans", it is constantly trying to turn, and avoid, although there is nothing in the way. Of course in either case, there is a continuous line of red dots right at the top of the half green sphere as it scans, although nothing is in its way, and if you try the ping radar with no servo, the green line in the scan disappears....*** I also test the ping distance, and it just sits at 20, no matter how close you put an object to the sensor.... It does this on any port as well... I tested 5 different ping sensors, just to be sure one was not bad, all had the same results....I hope this bit of info helps.


lol, ok so still no worky.....gotcha


Well, in my experiance the bata version is much worse that the last patch. No ping! Just my 2 cents.