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Best 360* Heavy Duty Servo With Same Measurements As One In Shop

Want to find the Best 360* heavy duty servo with same measurements as one in shop.

So same/ almost same measurements as the continuess rotation servo in the shop. As well I would like it heavy duty.


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United Kingdom
I assume you mean standard servo not 360° servo?

Does it have to be the exact same dimensions? Tower Pro MG995 are around the same size. And you can mod a standard servo to make it continuous quite easily, there are many tutorials on it on youtube.
No I mean continuess rotation servo. Yes I need the same dimensions because my wall-e tracks need more power. The current servos screach as he moves(doesn't move now because he's broken) so I was looking for stronger servos. I'm not so sure about modding a standard servo. I'll check it out.
It's easy to mod a standard servo. There are a lot of YouTube vids out there showing how to do it.
I found this video:

He said there's more than one way to mod it?