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Behind The Scenes

Wonder what it's like at EZ-Robot? :)

It's not always fun and games - but when it is, we take advantage of it!


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Looks like you've been busy ! What's the other 55 minutes and 15 seconds about? To much Kokanee will do that to you ! LOL ! thanks for all the hard work you and your staff do ! JW :)


I think youtube was being strange on that upload. It also doens't even play for me. I re-uploaded it and its fine now. We shot that video a few weeks ago - but just got around to doing something with it:) We're always having fun over here!


...every task is better with beer!



You call this work????????? Looks to me like yer just having wayyyyyyyyyyyy to much fun!I bet life is never boring for you guys! Seriously...........thanks all. Lloyd


Taking life too serious is bad for your health :). That basement gets lots of action. Lol