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Oh man that is awesome! Real neat to hear how quick he jumped back into science after a political run.
Nice. I cant want till these are available. This is a huge game changer.
IMHO energy storage and perpetual energy generation is to the key to most of the worlds problems. I truly think it's not to far off. The question is; are we going to be able to use it for the good of all people or horde it for personal power and control?

Wow, sorry, that's kind of heavy for a Sunday morning. :(
TBH, research is never free and as with any new technology there will be money to be made (which I have no problem with). The upside is that new and awesome products will become available. Imagine the improved bionic arms and legs for our soldiers who have lost them. Lighter electric vehicles that can be charged as fast as filling a tank of gas and go 300 miles until next charge.

These are great times. Us baby boomers have seen so much tech from the moon landing, to home computers and the internet, to advances in quantum technology which in itself blows my mind). If you've never seen the potential applications for quantum tech you'ld be blown away too!