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Battery Question

The green light will not turn on our JD unit. Any advice? The red light comes on but the green light does not when plugged in. It was working just fine until today. Thanks in advance.


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Does the battery need charging? If it doesn't then the green light probably wont come on.

If it does, it could be a bad battery. With a multimeter measure the voltage of the battery (from the outer two pins of the balance charger plug). If it shows very low (i.e. under 6v) it may be undervoltage and therefore damaged beyond repair. If it shows over 8v it may not need charging.


I will check that...thanks. You both have the best advice. I truly appreciate it.


Your battery might be charged already. Does the robot complain about a dead battery? If not, the everything is good:)


I think there might be a small short in one of the cables at the site of the connector. It has got an amazing amount of use in the last 3 weeks from our lab students. Just going to replace the connector this weekend. It's good. We really like what you are doing DJ Sures.