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Battery Power

iam looking power up with a 12v battery pack lipo-ion . you think it be ok to use this . i think it will good its thin and small compack rechargeable to . good price .ill post a link here in few seconds thanks cory


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its OK to power the EZB with 12vd. I think it will take up to 17vdc.


I use lipos on my RC helis. You can get a regulator if your worried about the voltage, but the EZ can handle up to 18 volts. The problems with the lipos is that you don't want to bring them under 20 percent. If your not going to use them for a long time they should be in storage mode, and most important don't charge them, and leave them alone. Look on youtube, and you can see the destruction they can cause. They have burned down a few houses already.

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You only have problems with LiPos if you don't use them correctly.

The one listed isn't a LiPo, it's a Li Ion which aren't anywhere near dangerous.

It'll be fine for the EZB.