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Omnibot Project:

Omnibot Project:

I put the letter H in hack! Here is the Omnibot Ive been working on for the past couple of months. Both arms, the left wrist, and the left hand have servos in them. The battery tray in the...

Omnibot/Camera Tracking:

Hi, The camera tracking isnt as right on as in the tutorial. Ill walk or wave my hand past the robots head, and it will start to follow, but then it will go the other way, then back again. Its definitely not locked in as in the Omnibot tutorial. The head also will flutter back and forth at times, and the picture is shaky. Any hints? Thanks, Den

Omnibot Hbridge:

Hello Everyone, I wired my HBridge just the way the diagram showed, and I also did it the way the video stated. I then found in a tutorial someone stated if using 2 motors wire it the way the diagram states. The most I got was noises coming from the motors. Nothing moved. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Den

Camera Question:

Hello, I took apart the camera, and soldered the wires in it as the video explained. I understand the black, and red wire are for power. Is the white wire for video to go through the EZ board so the video will go through the bluetooth to the computer, or do I need to keep the wireless camera card in my usb port of the computer. If I do, then what...
Help With Servos:

Help With Servos:

Hello, Im building my Omnibot, and trying to get the servos to move less distance than full movement for the arms. (Travel adjust), I watched the video on how to do it but, when I...


Hello Everyone, Im in the middle of my robot build ,and I need to calibrate the servos.I have two laptops. One has bluetooth, the other one doesnt. They both have the EZ download in them. When I go into the examples box to calibrate the servos, the computer without the bluetooth has the correct drop down box, and I see the servo calibration. When I...
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