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Battery Not Charging

Purchased JD for son for Christmas. Battery will not charge. Lights flash 6x indicating 300mv difference of voltage. Followed instructions on website to disconnect from robot and try again. Still not charging. Connected to website and checked the battery as per web instructions. Info reads CPU temperature 24.37c Input vol 5.42. What do we do? Is there anyway to contact a rep for the company? Not comfortable about there being no direct link to them. We have not had robot on for more that 5-10 minutes.


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if its 5.42 volt the batt will not charge anymore. minimum has to be 7 volts.lipo bat dont charge if it comes below 7 v


@Nomad... Lipos have a minimum voltage of ~3.00v per cell... Meaning 6v not 7v is the theoretical minimum.... Please try not to give incorrect info.... If you aren't sure just google it...


3.7V is the average voltage; LiPo can be charged up to 4.20V and discharged down to 3.0V per cell, any lower or higher in voltage and the cell will almost certainly be damaged and will become unstable which can be very dangerous (fire risk).


Great. Still doesn't really help me. Do I have a bad battery and what can I do about it? I contacted the warranty department.


somebody here told me that this could happen at volt 6.9 i dont give a name but it was one off you.


Contacting warranty is correct. Where are you located? If you are in the Baltimore/Washington area, I can loan you a working battery tomorrow until your warranty replacement arrives.

Email address is in my profile.



Thanks, Alan but we are in the Niagara Falls, Ny area! I will wait to hear from customer service.


Ok. They'll certainly take care of you, but the shipping time can be frustrating, particularly for a kid wanting to use a new present. Most hobby shops that sell RC planes or cars will have compatible batteries, and it never hurts to have a spare. You'll need a 2S 1300 mah LiPo. Should be less than $15.



You're contacting the right place:) There is nothing to be uncomfortable about - we are the company that company that makes the robot, so you're doing exactly the correct process. Someone who's in customer support will be replying to your Contact Us message.

In the meantime, did you use the robot before charging the battery?


Only long enough to try to connect to ARC. We had connection issues and the low battery warning came on. When we tried to charge the battery is when we ran in to the issue. Good news is we were able to connect to do the diagnostic.


wait 30 min befote charging and wait 30 min after charging. this is for cooling the batt.


Yes, I did that also. Battery was never warm. Didn't get used for more than a few minutes.


Wesley where in Niagara Falls are you? I'm in wheatfield back behind summit mall . I do not use those batteries so I can't help with that but may be able to help in the future! Chris


The message is of urgency to ensure customers charge the battery before using. It is repeated throughout the software, and tutorials in large red lettering before the building process. If you fail to charge the battery, this is the result. Someone from customer support will get back to you in the next day or two as the office is closed over the holidays.:)

Unfortunately there is nothing more that can be done until the battery is replaced.


Ok maybe this is similar to issue I am having with battery for brand new Six. Got it out of box. Went to charge it and lights blinked all 3 red. Went back read instructions again. Never could get the charger to do anything but make blinking red. Even tried my exact same charger for adventure blinked red. Just got out of box and my 7 year old already sad it isn't charging.


@Future, are you saying you tried the same charger on Adventurebot and it still blinked, or you tried Adventurebot's charger and it still blinked (ie, is it a battery or charger issue).

Since your Adventurebot is down with a bad wheel, you could use his body for the Six (or just his battery, but probably easier to swap the wheels for legs than opening them both up to swap batteries).



That is our plan. Have to have one of them up and running.;) Just can't explain to a 7 year old why his Six didn't work right out of the box. :( He was bummed. He had some major anxiety when he realized it wasn't charging. He knew the red lights weren't good and he immediately had me unplug it all.;) Want both up and going since he got a whole bunch of extra parts for Christmas and wanted him to start to modify Adventure Bot but now with the wheel down and $20 just to have a replacement shipped it will have to go on the back burner. Just hoping that we get all the "kinks" out now because we aren't going to be able to keep buying replacement parts all the time. Just frustrating, trying to encourage his love of robots but not have to replace things all the time. It will all work out. He has a ton of "projects" from Christmas. Just hate having his favorites "down"


Email me your address (my email is in my profile). I have a spare continuous rotation servo. I'll replace it next time I place an EZ-B order so the shipping won't be as much as the part.


@thetechguru Did you mean you would be sending a continuous rotation servo out to them right away, or whenever you do another order?


if the battery is not charging it must be because you overcharged your ez robot never charge him over night this will break your ez robot and you can never charge him again I did this and my new jd broke I had to return it and buy a new one you only have to charge your ez robot until the battery lights turn green hope it helps:)


Nope not the case for me... Six came out of the box not charging. I know it is the battery because our adventure bot has never had this issue. Its charger did the same thing when used. Wondering if there are some bad batteries in the batch. The warnings are in red like DJ said. We read all the instructions and did everything right and tried to charge our battery first so it would be good to go. No such luck red blinking lights when we plugged it in. Now we wait.:( Good tip on finding one at hobby store may do that while we wait for response about our battery.


the charger stops automatic with charging when the the batt is full. its a two cell batt so two red leds chould go on.