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Battery Low Issues After Changing Batteries

I am using a  new IoTiny for a project which has four servos attached to the it.  After having the system on for a hour or so I received the my battery is low message.  I thought the batteries need replacing (I am using a battery pack with standard DURACELL batteries, which I have used many times in the past with no problems.  I replaced the batteries and within 1 minute I received the "my batteries is low message verbal message".  I replaced the batteries again and the same message came again.  I then configured the system to stop the alert and was able to continue to program my IoTiny.

My question is,  do I have a hardware issue with the IoTiny, because I don't see why it continued to send the message after the batteries were replaced?



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Adjust the battery monitor or disable it. The battery monitor is for lipo batteries, which you’re not using. 

just disable the battery monitor and that’ll be easiest.
I did disable it and I no longer get the message, but I was curious as to why it can on in the first place after just replacing the batteries,  this hadn't happened to me before.
The battery monitor is default configured for safety of lipo batteries. You’re not using lipo batteries. The voltage of the battery monitor is setup for the safety of lipo batteries.