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South Africa
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Balancing A Robot On 2 Wheels (EZ Boxbot)

Hi, I saw the EZ Boxbot video done with the EZB V3 and I saw that it balanced with 2 wheels that were flat and and short and I thought that i could do the same with the V4 kit. I bought the V4 kit and realised that the wheels are thin and tall and it wont balance if I put both the wheels in the front corner of the box. I was wondering if there is any way to balance it on the 2 wheels that come with the V4 kit or will i have to buy new wheels to try and balance it. I know that there is a part for that but it will cost a lot to ship to South Africa. So I guess my question is how to balance it on 2 long and thin wheels without any other parts? It might be hard to find flat wheels that fit with the Ez robot servos

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South Africa
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Thanks, but I saw the Ez Boxbot move using only 2 wheels. I think the wheels are so short that it doesnt elevate the box. This is my first robot and I already have the starter kit. If there is no other solution then I will have to buy motors but I am trying to avoid that and use the continous rotation servos
It is not balancing on the wheels, it is dragging the back corner of the box on the ground.

Watch the tutorial videos of creating the box bot. I'm the creator of the boxbot so i can assure you it is not balancing :). The tutorial videos of boxbot are actual tutorial videos. The point of the tutorial videos is to teach you how to build a robot with rudimentary items. It's best to start at the beginning of the tutorial series and learn how to build boxbot. he's a lot of fun!
Mohamed.r - You can try to elevate the continuous rotation motors inside the boxbot so the large diameter wheels only go down so far? Use hot glue and whatever construction materials you have lying around to test out some options!
South Africa
Thanks for all the information, I didn't realise it was dragging the back. I will do some testing and try and see what works
I wonder what happened to the other tutorials for ez boxbot


Why is there so much talk about the EZ-BoxBot now?
I can't follow.

Maybe your are missing how the forum works ?
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When you open a thread post you have a post number and a date, as you can see in the last conversation ended in April 2019.

We are in May / 2020 you posted a new post on an older thread.

btw I only heard about EZ-BoxBot because you posted here today.

So when you say "much talk" are you talking about the past or present ? 

If you have specific questions I recommend you to open new threads e.g. New Questions, otherwise you are reviving old threads,
without a valid reason.