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Balance Bot Demo Mma7455 Accelerometer

Here's a video of a balance bot concept with two wheels.

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#print("MMAX=$mmAX MMAY=$MMAY MMAZ=$MMAZ n=$n")

if ($mmay`>116)


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That is awesome! I would assume your next step is movement. EZ-Robot segway?
Wow, That's impressive. Lots of things that can be done with this. Thanks for the code also!
this is cool! although only this thread has a weird layout problem. hmmmmmm...
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A balance not for sure is on the list probably before walking ones.:) thanks for the demo.
United Kingdom
@EEGbiofeedback that's brilliant just what I wanted to see thanks for sharing. I take it these are continuous rotation servos? And I presume the MMA7455 is strapped to them in some way?
Thanks Winstn,

Yes the MMA is twist tied on. No they are not continuous servos which would be a problem if I had longer wires. However the MMA7455 is working perfectly with all 8 inch wires. It's very accurate.

My next trick is to put it in my tank chassis to teach it to more intelligently autonomously climb arbitrary hills etc. If it's angles are too great, it'll back up and twist to compensate. Yet keep moving in an upward direction.

Down the road, I just bought a Radio Shack monster truck capable of 30mph speed. It'll be fun to include it as an anti rollover control system. I should be able to make it know if it's power is too great to slow down before turning. It should be able to figure out it's max capacities and stay within them. But the first thing with that will be to make it pop some serious wheelies.:)

United Kingdom
Hi Bill if they are ordinary servos I'll build this then as I have all the bits and experiment. I thought you needed a gyro as well for a balancing robot I need to do some more research I think.

30mph monster truck that sounds awesome!