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Bad, Bad, Day (Post Office ).

Hi Everyone,

Well today was the day. I checked my tracking number and it stated that my EZ had been delivered. When I got home I went to the mailbox and opened it, there sat the key. Yes, I thought, just moments away now. There was I key in my mailbox (standard since packages are placed in locked boxes in the pick up area). When I opened the box there was no package in sight:( I also noticed there was no sign of forced entry. So only two options.

1. My mail person decided to claim my package and just leave the key knowing that it would be my word against his/hers.

2. My mail person put the wrong key in the box.

I contacted the post office now I have to play the waiting game. I was looking forward because I'm off this weekend. Oh well, I guess everything in life happens for a reason. I know this may not sound very nice but if someone did steal it I hope it breaks on them:) ok sorry just upset.


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I'm pretty sure I would say more than that lol. Right now I'm just trying to figure out where a motor controller went.t
I missed the postman and had to wait till Monday to pick it up.could have worked on it over the weekend but couldn't. That's ok though cause I got it moving last night going to play with a temp servo on the sweep sonar

Mishap on post office. Package was placed in the wrong box. It's going to be an EZ day for me.
YEA !!! I've been playing with mine. Now the days will be to short and not near as long as they were when the EZ-B was lost !:) J.W.
@cheekid Awesome to hear it has been cleared up! *excited*