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Awesome Fabricator

I don't know how many user here are interested is lager stronger robots but even though this dude is not into robotics he is an incredible fabricator and fun to watch.

He has video showing how to run toilet brush holders into turbine jet engines!

He has lots of videos and its fun and educational to watch him fabricate stuff.

in fact my wife says if the bbc cast him as the next Doctor what would be fine with her.


here is a link to his main youtube site:

Colin Furze Youtube site

here is one of my favs


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haha very strange he makes a safety suit for rockets. but after he sits on the bike whit a gaz tank behind him.whit no protection.


The guy is absolutely insane! And a blast to watch. He made functioning Wolverine claws, and in one episode takes great delight in showing the aftermath of one of his projects exploding (if you have a sensitive stomach, skip that one. He performs self-surgery on second-degree burns...).

I'm surprised no one has offered him a reality show. Of course, it would probably only run one season (or less!) before he killed himself :P


hi warpig (great icon pic you have)

he's extremely handy whit raw materials and has some great ideas. and he problably dont have his show cause he dont know the word safety.