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Avast Not Allowing Connection To Ez-B V4

Configured the v4 in client mode, it connected to my network, its pingable and I can access the v4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller web page from the desktop. The problem came up when trying to connect to the v4 from builder. Tried the scan, the v4 chirped when the address was hit, but would not display the address for selection.

The forums mentioned AVAST blocking connection to the v4, so after a few tests I found that the AVAST Web Shield was the problem. As per AVAST forums, I tried the web shield exclusions, scripts exclusions.. , nothing helped.

But found the solution in one of AVAST forums, modify the WebShield.ini in programdata\avast , programdata not programfiles..

Go to (your):\programdata\avast software\avast, Find WebShield.ini, add the following lines:

[General] UseStreamFilter=0

Restart PC. You may need to disable avast self defense (Settings - Troubleshooting).

This setting does not disable it, but "downgrades" it to previous technology (meaning local transparent proxy).

With this change , the AVAST WebShield is still running but does not hinder the v4 connections.

Hope this helps.

FYI, am running the latest EZ-B builder on a windows 7 home premium 64 bit machine.


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I don't use Avast, but you might look to see if you can white list ports 23 and 24 instead of totally disabling / downgrading the feature. But good to see there is a simple solution.



thanks i'll try it out soon... i had the same problem and couldn't figure it out after trying to add exceptions etc. so i just disabled it when i wanted to connect to a v4

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I use Avast and had no issues connecting to either of my V4s.

Having said that, I only have the basic Avast anti virus, I have always experienced problems with "internet security" applications so chose not to install it at all. Personally speaking, if you're aware of what you are doing online there is no need for anything more than Anti Virus and possibly Anti Malware or a Malware scanner such as Malwarebytes.


Windows 8 with "Windows Defender" is good with me. No problems so far.


You could just exclude the ARC.exe process in Avast WebShield. It worked for me.