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DJ Sures mentioned at Nerd Nite that the robots support automation. I searched the web site but couldn't find the level detail I was hoping for. I then visited the office to chat with Aislinn about the automation features. She suggested consulting with online experts for more details. What are the current automation features & limitations of your most advanced robots today? Is it limited to what is programmed in an application? Or does it extend to partial AI capabilities? For example, shape recognition would lead to responding differently to different shapes.

Thank-you for your help.


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Hi Green-tree, what do you mean by Automation? Can you provide an example of a process which you would want to automate?

If I mentioned something about automation, it was most likely referring to programming repetitive tasks into an EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller. There are some smart devices on this website - such as Rich's Jarvis Home, Josh's EZ-B Fishtank... Those may fall in line with your references to "Automation" - but again, I would need an example of what you would like to automate.

Generally the word "Automation" in robotics is for manufacturing and PLC programming - which are large electric motor driven machines that execute repetitive tasks. The only use of sensory is for safety and sometimes high level QC (quality control).

In today's industry of robotics, we do not consider automation manufacturing machines to be robots due to their obvious limitations.

You will not find any information about manufacturing automation machines/PLC's on ez-robot website. Perhaps you are interested in reading about entertainment robots that are in their very early stage of manufacturing assistance such as Baxter:

As for shape recognition - that's a pretty old technology used in QC for manufacturing. This is done in a lighting controlled environment against consistent neutral backgrounds and a b&w camera. Some newer systems may use color cameras - but those automation manufacturing companies providing PLC devices charge ridiculously for even small features, such as color cameras - believe it:)


@green.tree Are you talking about home automation? If so, then yes... The ezb already supports the NEST Thermostat... It can also be controlled over the internet... The V4 has multiple analog and digital ports so you can connect all kinds of sensors, servos, motors, controls, etc to the ezb.... As mention, you can control the ezb over the internet so that means controlling what goes on in your house from anywhere in the world....

ARC supports object, face and colour recognition as well...

So the premise of ez robot is that they have given you "robotic lego"... You can build anything you want, but like real lego, things don't come pre-assemble out of the box. You'll have to design and build what you want. Then program it and test it....

When you ask if EZ Robot supports automation the answer still depends what your definition and what you mean by "automation" is


I'm interested in the robot's ability to respond to its surroundings. With shape recognition, if the robot see's my face enter a room, for example, I would like to make the app say, "Hi Green Tree." In one sense, it would be repetitive yet dynamic time-wise.


it can do far more than that. watch this video.

It is about 30 minutes long but it is worth watching. This is just scratching the surface of what is possible.


green.tree - there is much more to computer vision than shape recognition. Specifically what you are asking about recognizing a face is not shape recognition. The EZ-Robot object training uses a neural learning algorithm to learn identifying features of the trained objects. Simply learning a shape is impossible to a 2 dimensional camera in a 3 dimensional world - unless you're using manufacturing automation, as I had mentioned earlier for reasons I had mentioned earlier. If you need a reminder, scroll up and re-read my response regarding controlled environmental QC cameras for manufacturing automation.

It is my recommendation that you start with a Revolution EZ-Robot and ARC as an introduction to robotics - that will help you ease into the much larger concepts in which you are inquiring about.

The advanced robotic features which you are thinking about is exactly why we created ez-robot. Start with a Revolution EZ-Robot and that will teach you..

  • proper terminology
  • the current state of robotics and real-world sensory
  • creative methods to combine robotic sensors for navigation and process execution

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