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Automating A Rc Car

I have a RC rock crawler that I would like to automate and turn into a Robot . If I but the EZ-B v4 Developer Kit will I be able to replace my receiver on my car with the Ezb-v4 unit and hook up my steering and ESC servos to run and stear the car through the programming to the . The car has 7.2 v Battery system on board which come through the ESC. Please let me know if this is possible or if someone out ther is already doing this that I could talk to .

Jim Heric


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Yes, this should be very near plug and play replacement.



Yep. The ESC is controlled like a servo so adding a servo control in theory would move the crawler based on the position. As for steering, I take it is driven by a servo? As long as that servo can take 7.2v that the ez-b will put out( it is not regulated, so feeding it 7.2 volts outputs the same) it should be good. You could add a servo control in ex-builder to move it around.

Then in ARC, you could make a custom movement panel. In forward and reverse, add a servo position which centres the steering servo, and a servo value to drive the ESC in the right direction. For left and right, the same thing for the Esc but change the value for the turning servo to turn the crawler accordingly.

EDIT: And the ez-b isn't powered like an rc receiver through the 3 pin servo connector(I think it can but I don't recommend it). You will have to get power from the UBEC to the power connection on the ez-b or the ez-b power base. That may mean slicing the cables to connect them. If you bought the jumper cable kit. You would get the cables needed to plug into the UBEC that you could then slice for the ez-b.


Thank you this was very helpful . Do you think I would be able to program the car with the sensors so the car would automatically back up and turn right or left when encountering an object . It moves fairly slow since it is a rock crawler . I was thinking of starting with the developers kit and go from there . What do you think ?


You will be able to connect sensors (sonar - IR) to your EZB(4) and then based on the sensor you have chosen you can script what you want your car to do like, stop, turn left or right, etc.


See the "radar" control under ping avoidance or similarly named tab in the control add area of ARC.


Thanks to all , you have all been a great help


The ping Ultrasonic Collision control will not work for you - It will only "Stop" the car when the distance is lower than specified. It will not turn the wheels. You will need to write a short script for that.

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