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Auto-Stabilization In Quad

This has been on my mind since I thought about ez-b controlled quadcopters. If you use an accelerometer, how would you set it up for auto stabilization? And further more, how would you set up the full flight controls?


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It really needs a on board module that ezb talks to that has gyro stabilization built in

In order to achieve stable flight, you would need constant sensor data processing, which would be to slow if you
would do it directly with an EZ-b, because it handles everything thrue a pc. Calculating it's flight angle would constantly
be to late which would make it wiggle (really bad) and eventually crash it.

For my own tricopter I'm using an Arudipilot Mega 2.6 flightcontroller. You could control the Ardupilot either serial or by connecting the EZ-b to the ports where the RC receiver is connected to.
I've also used the KK2.1 Multi-rotor controller (cheaper one, less functions though) and you can only control it through the RC receiver ports.
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Not a copter but my big project (details will come eventually) has independent stabilisation which I plan to have the EZ-B communicate with via I2C or serial. To put it briefly and crudely the balancing of the robot is taken care of by (at this stage) an Arduino or similar, push the robot and the arduino will attempt to correct the balance by moving the legs and shifting weight, the EZ-B will connect to it and be able to send commands to the Arduino to make the Arduino move the required servos to make the robot walk.

It is all still theoretical as I am waiting on a few things before I decide if it's worth proceeding with the build but if my calculations are correct (and they usually are) it should work very well.

Similar could easily be used for flight stabilisation.
Not a coder so definitly no arduino, but as in having the ez-b talk to the control board, yes, similar setup.

This is a big if at the moment because I have to fundraise.
@Technopro , xl robots will come out with a gyro stabilized 4 or 6 brushless speed controller for use with 3s or 4 batteries when we release the more info about the XL quad and hex copter for ezb v4.
@Technopro- Have you looked at the Arduino IDE yet? It's very similar to EZ Script. I recommend you do a little research on it if you haven't already. It's a handy skill to have in your tool kit. You can get some cheap boards for simple projects. I got a Nano for $8 from China on ebay. I used an Uno last year to power a custom led sequence. It sat outside for a month so I didn't want to use my EZB. If I was gonna risk ruining something a $30 Uno was a better option. I don't know what I'm going to do with the Nano yet but it was so cheap I bought it mostly to solder the pins into it since I had never soldered pins into a board before. (I didn't do too bad;) )

I got the Getting Started with Arduino kit by Make ($60ish USD at radio shack). They also sell a book to go with it but it's online for free all over the place so no need. You may even just want to read through the book without buying the kit. Going through that book not only taught me about the coding, it actually taught me quite a bit about microcontrollers in general and helped me realize and better utilize the power of my EZB. It took a huge dent out of my learning curve of electronics and robotics and really helped me understand a lot of the basic concepts. One thing is that there are some things in the book that go over things that aren't in the kit I got. (I guess there's a more complete/expensive one.) None the less I found spending the weekend(ish) with it invaluable.
@ technopro, we don't have a estimated date , we are doing the initial parts sourcing to put everything together first then once we have that we will make the first models . Size and shape are a concern. So that being said it will be available before june.