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Auto-Connect To Ez-B. Anyone?

I have seen a few posts where people said they would like to have EZ-B auto connect and open their file.

I would like this too.

I know Robotmaker said he is working on something.

Anyone else do something like this?


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Don't currently know how to do it but would like that feature.

I'm hoping to embed a pc into my R2 down the road.



I am working on that myself. Hopefully someone with some mad programming skills will do it.



We need an Connect / Auto-Run at startup checkbox put into ARC.

I'm just mad, no Skillz! :D


It's there. Just hasn't been released yet. Probably this weekend or early next week. :)


unsurpassed, magnificent, excellent .... :)


@DJ After watching QBO video, what i'm really looking forward to see in ARC in the future is object regconize and self/face regconition, that's when a robot can really come to life! But auto start/connect would be an excellent start :)


The qbo doesn't recognize objects or itself. It recognizes itself as an ir transmitter. The video is misleading.

There is an ir ez-bit.


Really? that is very misleading. I thought it was scanning the object or itself with the two cameras and analyze the pictures in 3D to know what it is. Is this possible? How did it know the guy's name when it says hello? that's not face recognition?


DJ... OMG.. really? My hero.

I had seen mention that people were doing it so I was hoping to see if anyone had succeeded. But you are the best. DJ if I were single I might stalk you.... :o)


PS. I know someone that got the It uses IR to recognize itself or another based on the IR beeps but it does take a picture of something and when you tell it what it is it recalls that picture. It sees it ok let me see it takes a picture and tags it. Then it says I am ready to recognize "that" now.

There are programs that do that. Most you have to program in but some are getting there. This one claims to do it. Once I get my mini itx up and running I plan on trying it out and will give a full report.


Hey DJ... quickie question for you. When EZ auto connects will it also automatically open your file too?


thats great DJ i was working on a script,but will wait on your's first,so many projects ,plus trips,plus work at home and my girlfriend ,and changes to my house before i sell it for a bigger one.not much time to do scripts

#13 is a cute platform! (but expensive)


Yea , he's not as cute as the price tag lol