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Auto Release Don'T Work On All Servo

I have two mini digital servos and I can't get them to release from their holding position, they are lock in at all time, perhaps some incompatibility issue with EZ-B and ARC. I would really like to use what i have as im trying to move on with my Wall-E build, i used these for the hands up and down movements but I don't want them to be buzzing all the time as well as power saving. Is release feature only works on certain servos? or is this an issue with incompatibility?


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A proper servo will hold its position until the PWM signal stops. It's how all servos work - except this one you just discovered. If that is the case, nothing can be done about it.

To find out how servos work, use google or watch one of my videos:

That link has a decent explanation


I've read that some digital servos have a failsafe feature for signal lost, it locks into the last known position, which i think is what im experiencing, i have 3 of the same servos do the same thing, but they function just fine, im just annoyed by all the buzzing.


Haha, yah that seems like a silly feature. It would be okay if they held the position for a few seconds - but not eternity:D


I agreed, most R/C radio system now a day already have a failsafe feature on the RX side, im returning these, getting analog servos this time. I also figured out the servos glitches problem, it was not auto-release, but the pause time and servospeed set and reset, just have to give enough time.