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Auto Release Control

It probably is a simple change to make the servo Dropdown list on the Auto Release control so the user may Select Multiple servos at once. A user friendly change...

<select multiple id='n' name='n'>
<option value='0'>D0</option> <option value='1'>D1</option> // and so on... </select>


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Find more information by pressing the ? (question mark) next to the X (close) button on each control. Here is the direct link to the manual for the Auto Release control, which explains how to add servos to the list:

  1. Select port

  2. Press ADD

  3. The item you added is in the list

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Yep - I totally get that. I know how to add 1 servo to the list. The point is I have 30 servos to add, and adding them one at a time is well, tedious. So in the interest of improving the usability of the interface it is a simple matter to make that servo drop down list so the user can select MULTIPLE servos at once by holding down the shift or ctrl keys and clicking on each servo you want in the group. I have illustrated the html5 method in my code above.