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Auto Position Thread Error

As soon as I connect SIX I get the following error. If it's being caused by a frame how do I tell which one? I can open the servo configuration and the servos alll move fine.

4/6/2017 12:01:09 PM - Auto Position Thread Error: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at EZ_B.AutoPosition.MoveImmediate(String frameGUID) at EZ_B.AutoPosition.snWLSj67sb(Int32 , Object )


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Is this a custom Six project or are you trying to use the default project from the ez Robot Cloud? Try rebooting and re-installing ARC...


This is a custom SIX project. I took the original and changed the port assignments and was just starting to change some of the frames. Here is what changed yesterday.

  1. Exported all actions and frames in case I needed them later.
  2. Deleted some frames that I thought I didn't need
  3. Was running fine when I discovered I needed to import some frames that I deleted.
  4. Got battery warning so powered down to charge.
  5. While offline I imported several frames.
  6. Powered up this AM and got error.

Does the default project give you an error as well? Looks like step 5 is where you might be getting your error from... Do you remember what frames you imported while you were re-charging Six?


The default project works fine. I am now working with that and have changed all the ports and everything works. I agree it looks like the import caused the problem. I imported swim and the wave frames.

I have everything working now on a new project but am still interested to learn what caused the error and if there was someplace that would provide more detail on the error.

In the furture I will backup daily so I can recover.


Difficult to say. Possibly the frame data got corrupt somehow during the export or import actions... Error messages tend to be cryptic... Yes backing up regularly is good practice... I usually backup my projects locally (hard drive) and in the ez robot cloud as well... Glad you got it working again...


Issue resolved by going back to default project.