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Audio Transfer

Can audio be passed to and from the EZ-B?

I need a mic mounted directly onto the robot as well as a speaker but with no wires between the robot and pc. I've found wireless mics and speakers to either be really low quality and/or too expensive.

hat being said, I am thinking of using SmartVR with the EZ-B. Has anyone had any experience with this at all?


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The main problem is the bandwidth used, the EZ-B doesn't have enough bandwidth to transmit audio or video over it's bluetooth connection (at least that's what has been said on a number of occasions).

Unfortunately, if you want a good quality wireless mic or speaker you need to pay for it. I've wasted a lot of time and money on cheaper wireless products, I could have bought the quality ones to start with and wound up saving money.


Going by the order page the new ez-b will have audio and video output abilities. That answers the speaker problem if you purchase the new ez-b when it comes out. For a microphone your just going to have to bump up your budget.


Look for a Motorola Roadster BT hands free device. Now that the Roadster 2 has been released, the price has dropped from >$100 to < $40. Maybe even less on eBay. (here is one link, but you may be able to do even better http://www.bluetoothtronics.com/motorola-roadster-tz700-bluetooth-car-kit-speaker-retail-pack-p-784.html?currency=USD )

It has a really loud speaker and a good microphone, and I have successfully paired it with my computer. It also supports the A2DP profile, so it will stream all audio, not just communication audio. (it will also transmit to nearby FM if you want even more volume, or actual stereo output). It recharges by standard micro-USB 5v < .5amp so could easily be powered by your bot power supply (maybe even a 5v line of the EZ-B, but verify the amps drawn so as not to cause brown-out).



Friends... is the audio on V4 mono or Stereo ? its because I am Trying to sync the jaw of a Robot with the Sound Servo. Since I could not figure how to find a good sync using the V4 (I am still trying, but the delay is very, very high...) I decide to use an "servoaudiocontroller"board. And that works great! But.. on my soundtrack, I split Left for the music and Right for voice. The problem is: I am sending the sound thru EZ-b.. and when comes out, both channels are mixed and the lipsync goes away... Any Ideas ? Thanks.


The ezb has only one speaker so I am going to say mono?...

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It's mono as far as I am aware (at least there is only one speaker and one speaker connection).

Use 2 EZ-Bs. Have one for the music (left channel) and one for the speech (right channel). I haven't checked if the controls can be set for different EZ-Bs or if it defaults to board 0 so check that first

You would most likely need to split the track in to 2 tracks, one for each channel otherwise the channels will be mixed.