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Attach Wheel To 360 Servo From Developer Kit

Hello we just purchased the developer kit. We are trying to attach the wheels to the 360 degree servos. The black screws provided fit in the brass fittings of the HD servos but there are no screws that fit into the 360 servo. The inside of the 360 servo also is plastic and not threaded in the center.

The wheels do slide onto the hub of the 360 servo but I am sure they will not stay attached once powered.

Pictures of the wheels attached to robots on the website seem to show black screws in the center of the hub.

Thanks for the help.


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Is there not additional screws in the developer's kit for the 360 deg servos? Maybe packaged with the wheels themselves? Maybe they fell out somewhere?


Only other screw is a silver screw but it would have to self thread into the plastic of the servo. Seems like if you remove the wheel nonce or thrice the screw would no longer grab and the servo would become unless.


Maybe someone who also has the developer's kit can confirm which screw holds the servo wheels on?

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Hi Lauren. One side of the wheel should be threaded and the other side is not like in the pictures below...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

You will deffo need the screw to secure the wheel, as you correctly stated, it will fall off. As Richard mentioned, maybe the little black screw you need fell out while unpacking.

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I just read your last post. Self threading a screw will not work as the shaft inside of the servo where the screw goes is metal. The screw in the photo below is what you need.:)

User-inserted image


The 360 servo hub interior is not threaded like the HD servo and the hub of the wheel is too small a diameter for the black screw.


@Steve, I think the 360deg servos have plastic splines not metal... So perhaps the self threading screw is correct?


My hitec HS422s have plastic splines and the screw that holds the servo horns on are indeed self threading....

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Have you tried the rest of the black screws that came with the dev kit? The black screws can be a bit fiddly to start screwing in. Below are the bits needed for a continuous rotation servo and what came with my dev kit. Hope it helps.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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I stand corrected. They are indeed plastic splines. Sorry, I confused myself for a minute.

User-inserted image


@Steve may be right... I have only a Hitec 360/422 servo and a Hitec HS645 servo to compare... They do use 2 different screws to hold their horns on... The HS645 has a metal spline so the screws are threaded accordingly... the 360deg have a screw that is self threading as it has a plastic spline...

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Yeah I remember this now when I was attaching a horn when I first got my dev kit. There does seem to be two size black screws. One for plastic and one for metal servo splines.


its a black screw whit ruf treath on

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Here's the two different servo spline screws that come with the dev kit. The one marked in green is the one you need.:)

User-inserted image


steve G

you make excelent pictures.

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Thanks guys. Gotta love that iPhone camera. I just hope they help Lauren out.


Steve thank you very much we didn't open all the packs and look closely enough at the threads. We do indeed have two different types of threaded black screws. If we would have opened that pack first we would not have had any problems.

Thank you everyone for the quick responses and help!

Off to robot building!

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No problem. Sorry about the confusion earlier. I'm working away from home but bought some bits with me to work on my new project in the evenings. Lucky I did really. Anyway glad I could help.

Happy building.:D