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Arm - Help Me!

Hello, I wonder if it's possible I ride a robotic arm with a camera reading with your card ...
I wish the controller reads the object and separate it by color.
can do with your board?

I have a robotic arm of 1.10 meters, and is controlled with a few servants. but I want to change .. want to use your card ... she is hotter to work for what I've been reading.

thks DJ


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The camera capabilities of the new board are amazing. Its a higher quality camera than our old one. If by reading an object by its color you mean when the camera sees red, it says "red!", yes it is possible with a little EZ-Script writing.

1.10 meters! Wow! if it uses servos it can pretty easily be controlled by the ez-b. If its a linear servo arm, you might have some difficulty.

Tech, hi...

This is the arm that I was telling you, I had already written a post, but I'm having trouble, I would arm, caught the objects of different colors, and separate, or just pick up some objects and demonstrate my problem greater the servo motor, the base, he does not raise his arm somehow ... arm ended up being too heavy.

I is possible to "increase" the form of a servant? I thought of using the output of the servo drive Transistor and increase the capacity of servant, I can do this? how do?



United Kingdom
I'm struggling to understand the question but I will give it a go.

Watching the video I believe you are saying that the arm is too heavy for the servos to lift? And you want to know if you can change the servos for more powerful ones?

You will need to calculate the torque required. There are calculators on the internet, just google for them. Then choose a servo which has enough torque to lift the arm. You may need to use heavy duty servos, you may also need to increase the voltage to the servos from the 5v which the EZ-B V3 provides to 7.2v or even 12v depending on the servos you choose. It may be a case that you cannot get a servo which can provide the torque required, in which case you will need to use motors and feedback pots.

Hopefully I understood the question correctly and this is of some help.
sorry my english,

But I'll try again ...

I have a motor car windshield.
I want to use the nameplate of the servomotor to drive it ...
replace the servo motor for a stronger engine ...
q need to do? just put an H bridge solves?
Yes, to control a windshield wiper motor you will need an H-Bridge and a 12 volt power source. To select the proper H-Bridge, you will need to know the amperage of the motors. You want the H-Bridge to be rated for more amps than the motor(s). 15-20% over is a good rule of thumb (ie, if the motors draw 20 amps, a 25 amp H-bridge is sufficient).

Nobody understands what I say .... kkkkk

Looking to drive the servomotor in the photo, I can replace the servo motor by another stronger?
I have to do to do this? I have a motor windshield

Sorry for my bad english ... kkkk

try not to use the translator, but I have to use ...... kkkkkk

User-inserted image
Write your question in Portuguese. I have a friend at work from Brazil who can translate for us.

I am still not sure what you are trying to do.

Ah I think he saying he wants to replace the motor in his servo with the windshield motor while still using the servo board. MetronRick, the pc board probably is rated to only 1 amp and so this will not work. I'm heading out the door so maybe someone can suggest an alternative. The simple way is like mentioned above and use a strong servo.
Olá MtronRick, talvez eu possa ajudá-lo... Qual a sua dúvida? Vou traduzir para a comunidade..
tevans eu precisava de um servo motor forte, queria saber se posso tirar o motor do servinho, e substituir a saida do motor do servo, e colocar uma ponte h, e ligar o motor de parabrisa...
pode ser feito assim?