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Are The Ez Bits In The Store 3D Printed

Are the robots and ez bits in the store being 3d printed or bulk manufactured like injection molding. I only ask after noticing there are now three makerbots in the engineering area glowing at night. - Josh


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I'm sure DJ said the mass produced parts were injection molded and 3d printing was for the prototypes.


i think they print everything on their own 3d printers, but not 100% sure (also, at this speed wth 3 printers the launch of christmas doesn't sound that bad actually, its too fast to be printed by 3 3d printers, and i just hope they have enough supplies)


That's what I was thinking and I remember that too. I thought that was probably the purpose of going to China to take the prototypes.


They are ABS Plastic injected molded for mass production.

good eye on the 3d Printers:) We have three makerbot replicator 2's because we use them for prototyping components. We also print robots for testing. Currently we have all of the printers running to make more robots for a magazine photoshoot this week.

I can't release which magazine yet:D but it's a big one!


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