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Are Servo From Jd Under Warrenty?

i got a broken mini servo ,and two heavy duty ones.
is that also warrenty?

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@nomad.... Contact Us My guess is there would be a warranty if you didn't break them... Not saying you did, but you could have damaged these yourself because of not knowing how to set up JD when you got him... ?

Out of respect and all the help DJ has given you... If I were you, I would just order new servos (they are cheap) and forget about trying to claim a warranty...

i did the set up whit d.cohran remember.and warrenty is warrenty.
they just broke when powering jd.and one didn work .
the servo in chest where put in the wrong position.david discover that.
i wil contact ez.
A warranty is only a warranty if you didn't break the item. And usually taking apart something tends to void warranties.... If I remember correctly your JD worked fine when you got him. You put the poor little guy through a lot of abuse trying to figure out how to use him. This was way before d.cochran finally helped you get him working...So the servos only broke much later after you started using him.

Anyway, this is not for me to decide... But if it were me, I would not claim a warranty...
no he didn.how can he worked fine when choulder servo where in the wrong possition.
you dont read all off my post.