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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Arduino Uno With A Ultrasound Sensor - Ez Builder Control

I can’t seem to get hc-sr04 to function with above. I got servos working but this seems to hang- any thoughts thnx guys?
Error message - Capability ultrasonic Ping distance sensor support’ is not supported on this EZ-B device.

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United Kingdom
Got new version - restarted machine etc but .......
ultrasonic distance and ultrasonic radar give error and then disconnect com3

Comm error - timed out 
Also within script manager -

getPing - crashes programme

United Kingdom
@DJ many thnx - working good now-
United Kingdom
Thnx- all working now
Can't wait to try the Ultrasonic sensor with the new firmware, soon as I get home later, the wii remotes works great with Arduino also.
I used the sharp ir sensor, works great with the arduino