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Arduino Compatible

If a hardware item says it is arguing compatible, will it work with ez b?


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Most arduino peripherals are compatible. I remember seeing somewhere is this forum a list of all knowns compatible arduino sensors and add-ons compatible with EZ-B. will poke around to see what I can find for you.

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If in doubt, ask and post the data sheet. Someone will be able to answer. But without an English data sheet you may struggle.


Anyone know if this will work? I think it will since it is a simple serial output.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Post the link to the PDF, the screen grab is too small to read.

However, there is currently no command in ARC for reading serial, only writing to serial.


I would simply connect one of our Bluetooth adapters to the RX and TX of that controller:

You wouldn't want to flood the EZ-B data channel with serial data from a 3rd party protocol. Then your EZ-B communication would be sacrificed. That is one of the reasons there is no serial input on the EZ-B, it wouldn't make much sense at this time. If we decide to go with a faster wifi connection, then it would make sense to include bidirectional serial. However, Bluetooth is far too slow for it.

The challenge with using WIFI only is that you lose your computer's internet connection in Ad-hoc mode... which is the most common and easiest way to use WIFI.

This is why I have selected Bluetooth to be the easiest and most versatile connection method.


O.K. Based on DJ's reply I won't post the link unless you want it Rich. I'm looking to get PH and Conductivity into my ez-robot to make a hydroponics controller. I'll consider the Bluetooth method. Thanks.


That's a neat idea Checksumff:) ...


Thanks compilots. I've found a PH/CE sensor that will work on the ezb analog input. I will keep this in mind for future use.