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Anyone Here Ever Build The Unicorn 1 Robot From Radio Electonics Magazine 1980'S

I am only missing article #8. I thought this may be a neat robot to build and incorporate an EZ Board into it.


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That looks a great robot to mount ez-b, looks like a cross between r2 and my robot building. Plenty of room inside and many details in its shell.
Whoever gets the robot, and has my most sincere congratulations in advance.

in 1980 I built the arm for the robot. Then I purchased the RB5X and the Hero1. I never finished it. I threw the magazines away about 10-12 years ago. Sorry. 1-7 is readily available. But 8 is harder to find.
@rgordon - Thanks for sharing the link to that robot. It does remind one of R2-D2 a bit. I think I'd be interested in the arm-design it uses. So I'll be looking into that some more for use with my robot. Thanks again for sharing this interesting older robot. Inspiration from the past! I could see an EZ-B powering a modern version of this robot.
I did build the arm and I did not like it. Because the bolt that connected the lower arm to the bottom arm took up a lot of room. I guess a redesign would be good.
I found.a.similar but more.professional design... At least I think...

His name is Toby , still based on a trash can style body but arms much.stronger and centered on the frame. Body cut in half and screwed to a frame. I could show Some one how to make a fiberglass.frame so easily I could.walk a.first time builder.through it..

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