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Anyone Have Any Servo Bracket Stl Files That They Wish To Share?

I am looking for some stl files for hands, arms, and neck. Please advise if you have some you want to share.

Thanks, Mel

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EZ-Bit versions or not?

Check on thingerverse, there are hundreds on there if you don't need the EZ-Clip on them. Failing that they are a nice and very easy thing to make yourself, google has all the dimensions, thicknessesesseses and hole spacings.


I don't see the Exact files that I am looking for. I am looking for the C bracket and the swivle stuff and something I could use on the neck of Sunshine. Something in the order of Aamerilas' arm brackets.


Nobody? I guess we don't have as many people with 3d printers as I thought.

United Kingdom

You have only waited 6 (working) hours... Some members don't come on for days at a time, others are unable to offer much during the day. Have some patience:)

By the way, there are at least 2 pages of servo brackets on thingiverse. Google sketchup has a large user made library of 3d models too. If they don't meet your exact requirements now is the time to play with your 3D CAD software and make them meet your requirements.


I have a 3D Printer but the problem comes in due to the lack of 3D design experience to even build a servo bracket, lol stress


God Bless You!

Thanks, and thank you all. :)


I printed up some of them. But, they don't fit the 995s that I ordered. They fit on one end, but the other end where it is expecting a little nipple, there is just nothing.

any advice? I may get to some that fit. I have so many I will have to look.


I don't want to be disrespectful. But, I need the brackets for Sunshine's arms. They are to fit the 995 servos not the AX-12 servos. But, if you have moved up to the AX-12 servos, they are good servos. They are just out of my reach.

Thanks for the information given. I am trying to create an HD-7 type arm. I have the 995servos because that is what I was told to buy. So, I am just trying to have arms and neck for my sunshine robot. I just need stl files. I have the claw already.

Thank you all so much!


I am like robo-doc, I am not a very good artist.