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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Any Updates Coming?

Hey guys! Any news for the fall? Its been a fairly quiet summer (but busy for me), just wonderin whats next for Synthiam? I know I'm probably not the only one wondering.....what are you guys cooking up?!? (smells great from here :))  What things in the robot world, can we look forward too?

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I won't spoil anything but I believe @DJ has been working on something!:D
Thats great to hear!!! I can now go a couple more months knowing something great is coming!
Thanks for keeping us upto date!
Agreed. Would too like to know if anything new is coming... seems its been a lil too quiet around here lately:)
Hey Jer that sounds like possibly great news! Winter really sucks ,gets boring as my Terminator loves the out doors. I plan on building the Cylon project over winter but anything new coming from Synthiam would be like fresh spring air!
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I agree also, quiet out here. 

Might be quiet before the storm (in a good way)  :-)

I have been going over older videos - still picking up things I missed
I've seen some really good tutorials that DJ did recently. Thous are always welcomed.
All good now, thanks