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Any Eta On Stepper Motor Control?


I have an upcoming project using stepper motors and was wondering if you are implementing steppers into EZB? If so is it ready for prime time yet or anytime soon? Thanks in advance.



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What stepper driver would you want to use?
Maybe the Big Easy Driver from spark fun. I am open to suggestions of any other board.

:: listens contently as steppers are a strong/heavy duty alternative to rc servos ::;)
Let's all vote on the best and affordable controller. That way I can use it and make it available for everyone:)
That's excellent , just post candidate controllers as links here and we can all look at them:) great love it
Ok so your vote is the 5 amp stepper driver , I would like that too
I agree. The more amps the bigger the robot! But I can still use a 2 amp controller.
The Robokitsworld one is just an H-Bridge, meaning 4 wires to the EZ-B, the EZ-B has to preform all the sequencing, & most important with this, you'll have to run the stepper motor at it's rated voltage, usually 3V, to keep from over amping them.

The Big Easy Stepper from Sparkfun and the A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier from Pololu are real stepper controllers... Meaning they use industry standard step/direction 2 wire control, they have micro stepping if desired, but most importantly, they have current limiting. Current limiting lets you set how much current the motor coils get independent of voltage. Stepper motors are routinely run 10-20x their rated voltage via this method because it allows the motor to change position faster.
United Kingdom
The Pololu A4988 slightly edges it for me looks simpler and cheaper also availbale in the UK
Polulu does seem to be popular
The Pololu A4988 breakout is a great starting point.

An EZ-B control for the Pololu A4988 will also work on a multitude of others, including Sparkfun's offerings, plus see TB6560 & 2M542 based controllers on eBay (stepper motor controllers/drivers for CNC routers).