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Another Wireless Camera Thread, Updated Driver Link?

Sorry gang I know this has been talked about before and I've done all I can to research before asking but I'm stuck.

I've tried everything I know to get the wireless camera working (This is the one from the kit) I downloaded some drivers from the web, downloaded drivers from a post from Rich, tried repeatedly to change the registry id; all to no avail, i've uninstalled and reinstalled all usb device ports (Lists cam as usb composite device). I know the computer knows a usb device is plugged in but it only shows (USB when I look under usb inputs in device manager. No auto recognition etc. I have the camera plugged in via usb and powered on, there is definitely a full charge on the cam.

I'm using Windows 7 but it is installed on an older laptop (dell latitude E6500) that originally ran xp The only other computer is a mac. My wife is bringing home her newer laptop today but I can only use it briefly. The one thing I haven't done because I either misplaced it, wiped it or both is use the usb that came with the kit to load drivers. If there is a link on here somewhere or if someone can email me the original file from that usb I would appreciate it. One other thing that may help is if anyone knows the manufacturer of the camera, perhaps their site would have information but I don't know where ez robot got the camera.

Hoping to get back to programing this thing again soon but frame, wheels and camera have been putting everything else on the back burner of late

I appreciate the assistance and hope I'm not asking too much on these threads. Matt

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The driver I posted in another topic is the default Windows 7 driver, this should have been on your system in the first place, this makes me wonder if it's a problem with your OS which leads me to ask the question of if it's possibly worth considering an upgrade to Windows 8.1?

The V3 developer kit's camera is plug and play on Windows 7, or at least should be... I don't recall ever having a cd with either of my developer kits.

The other thing that I'm thinking is the possibility that your USB ports aren't providing enough power to power the dongle. Some systems provide very little current at USB ports and if you have other devices connected to USB also this may pose problems. Have you tried using it on a powered USB hub?


Ok now I feel like an idiot,

This is my fault and I feel badly for taking up your time.

I'd watched the camera video's in the past and before posting but in my haste to find solutions I stopped watching halfway through because my camera wouldn't get that far, had I continued i'd have seen that usb dongle was more than a thumb drive containing drivers. I need to find that dongle or buy another if I can't. I'm truly sorry to take your time guys, I really did spend a long time looking for the solution and it's been here in front of my face the whole time. If it were a snake...

Again, thanks and apologies. I'll let you know if I can find the usb dongle drive.

Matt blush

PS: It very well could also be the computer. Running Win 7 on this machine is not really supported and I had to change a good deal of software and drivers to make it possible.

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Glad you (kinda) solved it.

Good news is, with the V4s slowly being shipped there may be someone willing to sell you an old camera at a low price.


I've just searched everywhere I know to look, no luck. I have a sickening feeling it was donated by my wife along with some other small size usb's awhile back... I don't guess you can just buy the dongle?


Would it be possible to use the camera with a rocketfish Bluetooth adapter plugged into the computer?


Nope have to have the camera specific dongle... besides the rocketfish is being used to connect to your EZb3....


Thanks Richard, I hate I lost the dongle. Since the V4 cam won't ship until July, can anybody rec. a good camera I can use now? Matt