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Another Question!

How does one mount. say, a 3 servo Arm with Claw to a Revolution Six? I did read that the six doesn't need all six legs for stability, and I guess he could walk on 5 legs - if I detach one so I can mount the arm - but is there a way to have him have all six legs (because it looks cool, plus I don't really want to have to start calling him 'five' or 'gimpy') rather than having to remove one? Or maybe even combine a leg with the claw?

Again sorry for being a noob!



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United Kingdom
Six has 12 EZ-Clips around his body, you may not need to remove a leg to fit a claw.

Are you looking at a specific 3 servo arm or are you planning to use EZ-Bits to make it? If it's an EZ-Bit arm it should clip on. If it's a pre-made arm like the older arms in the shop then you will need to make an EZ-Clip to arm adaptor piece or not use the EZ-Clip system.

I actually ran out of money anyhow, but that's ok if I really need the bot to grab stuff I'll just order the pieces later. And yes, I had meant the EZ-Bit one that's advertised as a Six Add-On, I think it's made from Bits?

I've gotten to coding cool things again, just made a new thread, might make the bot into an alarm clock next (with it calling my name and telling me what I have to do that day). I'm just waiting on an email back from the staff to finally place my order!
United Kingdom
Somehow I hadn't seen the add ons...

Yes they will just clip on. I would assume that if you had 2 you could remove the front 2 legs of six and give him 2 arms with hands, while still allowing him to move around and be stable.
I think that's super cool, because playing and manipulating with stuff is how real life living things do stuff. I'm not sure what the mobility and options are with just the legs are from the videos, but I'll have to be happy with that for the time being. I'm very excited for them to start shipping out:)