Upgrade to ARC Pro

Elevate your robot's capabilities to the next level with Synthiam ARC Pro, unlocking a world of possibilities in robot programming.


Oh that's a good one! Great find troy :)


:) It's nice that people are recognizing how innovative your product is. :)


That's awesome! Tell your friends :D


That's what I did DJ, even contacted German television (online broadcast: which have a show on computers and hardware etc. So far no response but I'll poke them again untill they respond... It would be nice to get some more attention on this side of the ocean too.


Wow that's super nice of you! I never thought of leveraging the community for more awareness. I wonder if we could get everyone together and speak out... Imagine what thousands of us could do for eZrobot awareness? It would be spectacular!


I plan on doing that here in Qatar after I have my Omni ready to show at thier youth science club. Things just come up and put huge delays in my time and funding. But it will happen in time!


I have gotten several Family, Friends, and Co-Workers interested in EZ-Robot down here in Texas!


Wow, you all rock:) Thanks for the support! Community is the best way to start a revolution :D



You should embrace your forum users more. :)

To be honest lately it feels like we've been left behind.

We have to scrounge for tid bits of info yet we are probably the most vocal to spreading the good word with friends/family/strangers.

I feel like the soldiers on the front line of Brave Heart "Hold Hold hold!" as we have all been waiting for the Revolution to start. :D

New customers are coming to the site looking for answers and we are all kinda in the dark.

Please don't think I'm being negative, I love your product. I usually can't shut up about it when talking to friends/family/anybody who will listen.

I just feel the lack of information given out to us upsetting/nerve racking?.

Why not send Rich or someone a V4 to beta test? So when the product hits our hands we have someone within the community with working knowledge?

Kris - Loyal EZ-Robot Customer


Thanks for the feedback Kris. Please read this first:

So the EZ-B v4 and robot components are in our office as prototypes. We do not have the parts off the assembly line yet out of the factory. This means we don't have anything to give to anyone.

I have been planning to write something to all of you - soon as I have a free second:) Right now the website content is super important - and i'm working 18 hour days. Patience will be our virtue :D


18 hour days? So what's new DJ, It seems like you always are working these long hours.

Personally I'm mesmerized watching EZ Robots grow and transform. Although I want a new V4 "yesterday" I'm really enjoying the evolution process. I'm overjoyed that your team had the foresight to step back from your first mini v4 design and decided to really soup it up with all the extras. That took balls (or incase of the female team members "ovaries". No disrespect intended). Anyway, although I would not want to wait another 6 months and without any news or updates, I'm glad you took the time to make it really something special. I just hope the factory workers that are assembling the boards are also taking their time and getting it right. We've seen lately a few examples of these workers mistakes on The EZB's V3.

With that said, I do agree that a slow steady flow of info keeps people much more happier. It does however invite criticism, tilted and selfish thinking form the heard. eyeroll


Hey DJ,

I've read that page. I also have boards on pre-order.

Although you may not have physical items to give, I'm sure you have some technical info we'd all love to hear. :D

I think we all have shown extreme patience over the last year of waiting, waiting, and some more waiting. We've all stood by anxiously awaiting, through all the push backs, delays and such.

I'll wait some more and look forward to your post.

New Zealand

Love the video I found in the e-Magazine mentioned in the first tread article posted by @Troy.... just posted it to my facebook!

Will tell my students about what the naughty little robots got up to while DJ was away.... lol

Great choreography!