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Another New Guy

Hi all,

My name is Dave and live on the Wet Coast of British Columbia ( thou not lately, wet that is ) in Victoria.

I love all the neat projects on the site and am waiting patiently for my EZ-Robot kit.

I hope to contribute some good info to the site but most likely will dish out some bad too, that's the way it goes but I can take criticism and even thou I'm an old geezer I can still come up with some good bots and thoroughly enjoy playing with them.

For now I'm just waiting EZ



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Welcome dave!! Won't find much criticism here:) i think our robots are entirely art - at laest with EZ-Robot - because my goal is to encourage the focus on creativity rather than boring low level software devlopment

looking forward to see your work:)
Hi Dave. Welcome to the EZ-Robot community. Can't wait to see what you come up with
Hello dave , good to hear the creative hamptser is still running on his wheel. Look forward to seeing some of your ideas :-)