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Another Ar Drone Question

Hey there guys!

Went through the manual, but couldn't find the following:

Trying to understand how do the AR drone variables $X and $Y work exactly....?

Thanks, Roi.


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What are the $X and $Y? I can't see any reference to any AR drone variables on anything and none show up in the variable watcher with any drone controls added...


Hey Rich, You have first to connect to the drone, before the variables show up.

There are: $DronePsi (Z axis angle), $DroneTheta (forward backward angle), $DroneAlt (altitude in mm) and $DronePhi (Roll angle), which as you see, i think i could figure out more or less how they function, but $X and $Y seem to avoid me....

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Ah right, I don't have a drone to connect so I can't really help.

Just a few thoughts of what it could be (however wait for someone else to chime in if they know). Doesn't the AR Drone have sensors for velocity? X being the velocity on the X axis and Y being velocity on the Y axis? Add the variable watcher and see what happens when you fly it around?


Hmmm....a very good idea!

How come i didn't think of velocity but only of positioning?

Shall check it out very soon!

Thanks a lot!


Hey there Rich or anyone who can help answering this question!

I was not able to affirm that the $X and $Y are velocity variables, although i was looking at them while the drone was moving. The numbers just jump with no pattern that i was able to link with velocity indication.

Does anyone know, what and how these variable represent?

Thanks, Roi.


I think he means $DroneX and $DroneY and $DroneZ?


Yes! Sorry! $DroneX and $DroneY and $DroneZ !

It appears only when the drone is connected, i have a short memory, so some 5 min elapse after i end the flying session and write a question....LOL

What do the $DroneX and $DroneY and $DroneZ stand for?