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Anki Drive

Just discovered this company. I work as a volunteer with Anki Drive.
The potential of the two nodes, this and AnkiDrive seems fantastic.
The SDK for 'drive is on the AnkiDrive site. Check it out and let me know how compatible you think the programming could be. I'd love to get a self driving mini robot worked out so that simple voice commands can stop, turn it and other maneuvers more like a combat car should be!

The Alexa Robot is a fun idea, it just make sure you do not have any steps, stairs or weird carpets in your house!!:D
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next step in the evolution: merge drone deliver tech with household robots ... so the solution will be a hybrid drone:)
Amazon Lynx was a bit of a flop (UBTECH) but it is essentially an echo speaker inside an Alpha 2.    I hope the new one is more successful and has tighter integration.  Boston dynamics was working on the Amazon robot but I think that was for their warehouse (the self balancing inverse pendulum we were all discussing on here a few weeks ago).  I do like the idea of building on existing tech. There are millions of people training Alexa, Google home, Cortana/Zo/Tay and Siri so either of these companies could use their tech as a foundation to build on. The Softbank (Pepper and NAO) with IBM Watson looked interesting but I haven't seen any updates in past year.

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"Lynx with Amazon Alexa by UBTECH Robotics"  

Amazon Warehouse Robots: 
Amazon Robotics, formerly Kiva Systems, Kiva's assets now work only for Amazon's warehouses.

Amazon Alexa Robot code name "Vesta"
The Vesta project is in the hands of Amazon's Lab126:

btw I really hope is not a toy bot with Alexa.
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At CES I had a visit from David Frerichs and Martin Walker from Amazon. There was a lot of discussion about phonemes. I think you would be surprised what this might be. (Lab 126)