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Android Pad

I got a Samsung Galaxay Tab as an early Christmas/ birthday gift. Any chance we can download EZ-B onto the Android OS DJ?


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Did you know?
- ARC has 19,695 lines of C++ and C# code
- EZ-SDK has 3,188 lines of C++ and C# code
- EZ-B Firmware has 2,546 lines of Assembler code
- The EZ-B Robot Project was launched February 1st 2011
- The project concept was conceived in April 2010 with this Wall-E Robot
- The current development time has been in excessive of 3,000 hours

[Copied from DJ's facebook post on October 31 at 3:59pm]

All that would need to pretty much be rewritten to work on android.
Geezzzzzzzz.I was just askin'.......................
All may not be lost. There are plenty of Android Apps out there that might be able to leverage the SDK. I use EventGhost. It is a remote control app that goes on the PC and can go on Android. I use it for Home automation and control of XBMC. It has many plugins that might be able to be used and also uses Python. Some form of control of EZ-B may be doable but will require some coding. Not completely out of reach. Something out of the box to look at.

You can use the HTTP server in ARC to connect to it from your andriod tablet or iphone:)
Perhaps someone could develop an app which allows you to control your robot via your tablet.
It'd be neat if someone did.

In the meantime, you can buy Windows 7 tablets for the same price as an Android Tablet. I have a windows 7 tablet. It works fantastic, and because it's not Android you can actually do stuff with it. It's a full-on computer, not a giant phone.

The new ARC has Touch controls for tablets. I used it tonight. People loved it!
Is there anything I can use with an iPad?
United Kingdom
You get short shrift on this forum mentioning Ipad's and Android EZ-B compatability to my knowledge no one has requested a Linux version of EZ-B yet!

The EZ-B web server works pretty well with my Xoom Android tablet, although not at all with my Android phone. I am sure it will work with an iPad, but if not, there aee plenty of other apps to remotely control your PC.

Depending on how satisfied i am with the touch controls DJ mentioned, i am thinking about using the SDK to write a web based controller after i get my board next month. It will be simple though. Probably just movent and maybe stream a video source if i can find some good code to borrow....
That is exactly what I want to do. Sadly I don't have any programming knowledge outside ARC
I'll share when it is done. I am coming up to speed on vb. Net and learning c# for some work projects. All of my coding experience is in vb6 and older. This should be pretty easy, but will take me a while since i need to learn the language first. But this kind of thing comes easily for me, and posting here that i plan to do it is motivation to actually get it done.

This is going to be brilliant when it is finished