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Android Apk

Does anyone have a copy of the mobile apk saved somewhere? On my Galaxy S2 4.1.2 im getting a install error trying to install from the Play store


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The APK is stored in your downloads folder after downloading from the google play store


No luck, seems like the apk isn't saved after it fails to install? Ive also tried to download the apk on my computer and side load it but it also fails to download from the play store. Been tinkering for hours with this with no progress


There's so many people having issues - I've researched a ton and it seems to be common with android. Wish I knew what the solution was:(

Maybe I'll try a few builds and post them here to see what changes. I think it's google play that is changing the apk - not sure why


I found a fix! Not sure if it effects the app and doesn't seem to. I had to download the apk through a chrome extension. Then I uploaded it to my google drive and downloaded it on my phone. From there I went to the Play Store and downloaded a app called zipsigner. I ran the ARC apk through zipsigner and used the auto-test key signature to sign it and ran the signed copy and it worked! Only one problem...I need a copy of the android apk before the removal of v3 support. Anyone have a copy they can share? Also need a copy of ARC for the pc with v3 support.


All ARC for windows supports v3, so you're good there.

As for android, maybe someone here has an old one for you. Can't gaurantee that it will work with ez cloud though. There's been a lot of changes since...


Do i need to connect the v3 to my computer to save the Bluetooth connection for the mobile version? I didn't see a option for a Bluetooth connection on the mobile app. I remember there was one in the PC version but it seems its been moved.

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@Xuven The mobile app doesn't support the EZB3 any longer so that's why no Bluetooth connection... ARC PC still supports the EZB3 so you can connect to your PC via Bluetooth...