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Androbot Inc.

I had no idea the founder of Atari made a robot company in the early 80's. Here are some neat videos of Androbot - Topo and Bob

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Hello, Just wanted to let you all know that there is presently a Topo listed for sale on the Australian E-bay site. 12/06/2013


great post DJ

raven you have a link.


Went they came out, I ordered a BOB (Brains on Board). I loved the look of Bob and Topo. But, Nolan Bushnell, inventor of BOB, TOPO, FRED, Atari, and PizzaTime Theater, and many more and author of many books , came in the boardroom meeting and waved his pipe and Bob and topo were no more. So, I did not get to get a BOB. I ordered it, but they would not take my money. I did however get several models of the RB-5X. They looked cool, but did not do much of anything unless you wanted to learn assembly language or teach a class on electronics.


moviemaker here your change to get it.

thnks raven


Thanks, Nomad. But, I don't have a desire or cash to buy it right now. I just bought a Replicator2. But, I still think it is cool.


same here no cash. mad


Not sure if its true but I heard he also used the money from selling atari to start chuck e cheez.


It would be easy to re create the top of or bob. You can buy vacuum formed plastic shells , sticker sets and even the motors and drive wheel's in a kit. I would still like to see someone recreate the hero chassis without robbing you blind on the price.


It would certainly be a nice Head for anyone's robot.