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Amazon Delivery Drones

After hearing this everywhere I went online and researched it. Turns out, Amazon has come up with a delivery drone system. check out the vid on the link.

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Hey guys , just thought I would share that this is local to me. They are working initially with off the shelf equipment to test in a 10 mile radius with flight times less than 30 minutes and packages less than 5 pounds. The amazon center is about 5 miles up the road.

Oh and I am in Chattanooga TN , The President came to see the facility and have a press conference a couple months ago.

Rumor has it they are taking advice and ideas from existing quadcopter and octocopter owners , hobbiest and pilots to form their system.

Here is the local news announcement link


@aameralis , I believe the drones will have a cellular connection so that they could deliver anywhere there is coverage. That way they don't need to obtain licencing for spectrum to communicate on a commertial level. I suppose anything could be hacked but if you have that technology then stealing a book or video game ect isn't really top priority to steal. Anyways about the redneck thing , yea we like to shoot stuff .... I don't really have a good comeback lol.


This should be a really interesting system. My brother works for Amazon (unfortunately not on that project) and says its still a long ways out from becoming a reality.

From my perspective, there would have to be a huge cost associated with having a package delivered via this method. Instead of shipping from a few main warehouses amazon would need to set up warehouses that stock products in every major city. The core of every large city ideally. Plus, this wouldn't be able to service apartments/ condo's so that greatly reduces the % of customers it could target.

It's an amazing concept and I can't wait to see how it progresses:)


I would pay extra money just to see a flying robot deliver a package. I would buy a book I probably wouldn't even read the first day it is available.

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"Hacking" a parrot isn't exactly difficult, the security is non existent. I'm sure Amazon would be smart enough to have pretty decent security on them.


And thus, the challenge to all Hackers, LOL.

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His washing machine wouldn't have any security on it either...:)

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Takes 3 minutes to get in to a BMW and drive away without the key;) At least on any from 2000 to 2012 since the OBDII stores the info needed and due to the laws the data from the OBDII cannot be encrypted. One of many reasons I don't drive a BMW any more.

Check out this story from last year.

I know what you're saying though, but I would imagine that Amazon would take precautions against thieves and "hackers".


I hacked my trash can to bring me beers , now that's epic lol in progress anyways


Not to mention a Major Roomba hack ! ;)


@jstarne1 Now if you hacked the Beer Store to bring you beer for free, then we're talking an accomplishment...:D