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Alternitive To Pandora

In looking for a (Free) alternative to Pandora, I can across this site Has its own scripting language and well as ability to import AIML Supports the AIML 2.0 Allows you to create multiple bots

I have my bot set to private, so only I can access it.

Check it out

Here is my code I use to talk to my bot and parse the answer.

I have XXXX out my login info.

$HumanSaid = "How tall is the Great Pyramid of Giza?"
$URL =""; + $HumanSaid + "&user=XXXXXXX&password=XXXXXXX&application=XXXXXXXXXXXX"
$Answer = HttpGet($URL)

$StringLength = length($Answer)
$StartIndex = IndexOf($Answer,"")
$EndIndex = IndexOf($Answer, "")

$MessageLength = $EndIndex - ($StartIndex + 9)

$APIResponse = SubString($Answer,$StartIndex + 9,$MessageLength)


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In my code, 2 lines did not show up correctly should look like this: (ish)

$StartIndex = IndexOf($Answer,"<message>") $EndIndex = IndexOf($Answer, "</message>")


that's pretty wild - thanks for sharing!


This is pretty cool! It took me a while to figure out what my Instance and Application ID was, but after that sure enough it works.

For others, I found my "Instance" ID from my bots details page. I found my "Application" ID by clicking on my user name to few my user details.

What kind of bot did you make @rz90208? I made mine the default AI personal chat bot. There were a lot options to pick from. Did you teach your bot the answer to the sample question, "How tall is the Great Pyramid of Giza?", because my bot just answered "Wonderful", lol ;)