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Altair Ez:1 Robot Meets Alexa

I have just done a very quick (and hopefully fun) video to show the Amazon Alexa interacting with the ALTAIR EZ:1 robot.



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Very nice, you can tell the pros from the amateurs , like me :)


Great video !



I expected some robot fight :)

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Thanks all, for the kind words - it was fun filming this!



Lol! I think I see a budding romance. That was great.


Tony, Awesome video! It was cool hearing Alexa give her weather report with her UK accent. EZ:1 and Alexa appeared to have a customized interaction? Thank you for sharing.

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Hey Tony.

It's been a while since I've posted on the forum, but I have a look through the boards every now and then and felt compelled to leave a comment about your video.

I agree with what Dave said... Looks like love is in the air, lol. blush

I really enjoyed the video and it did make me giggle. What fun. Nearly spit my beer out on my keyboard at the "self destruct" part last night, lol. I'm guessing it was, but I have to ask, was the voice interaction purely done by speech recognition? Altair EZ: 1's Dragon DNS (if I remember correctly) and the Echo/Alexa service (whatever software/service it uses for S/R) interact really well with each other.

FYI, I've just sent off an email to you. EZ: 1 is looking fantastic btw. Keep up the great work mate.



Tony, The Altair EZ:1 Robot showing capabilities with Alexa and EZ Robot is great. So many possibilities. What a great combination, and I think it has a great future. Steve S ;)


So is this how the Echo Dot came to be? ??

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Thanks Steve, you have done some pretty cool stuff like this too!

@WarPig the Dot is the smaller and cheaper version of the Echo they both use Alexa.