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Aforge.Net Conflict With Sdk

How can I use the latest version of AForge.NET side by side with the EZ-Robot SDK?

Since the SDK has an aforge.dll and already uses AForge, I get a conflict when I try to include the actual AForge.NET dll's in the same project.

I've tried using extern alias to separate the two in my own code, but still get the conflict. I believe extern alias won't solve this conflict, because aforge.dll is referenced by other dll's outside my control, including the SDK's EZ_B.dll and AForge.NET's dll's, such as aforge.imaging.dll, aforge.video.dll, etc.

Is the SDK truly incompatible with AForge, or is there a way to write an application that uses both the SDK and AForge side by side?



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The aForge DLL included with the EZ-SDK and ARC is slightly modified - but not very. You should be able to reference the included aForge library rather than the one you downloaded from their website:)