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Recommended Sdk Code For Continuous Rotation Servos?

What is the recommended code (ideally in C#) for stopping the movement of a continuous rotation servo from a 3rd party manufacturer using the new EZ-B v4 controller? Heres the code I have thats already working to spin a servo in one direction, then the opposite direction, and then stop: (The code for stopping the servo is a real kludge; seems like...

Roli Hbridge Movement Settings In Tutorial 43 (C# Sdk)

Which digital ports and which PWM settings should be used in Tutorial 43 to work with the Roli robot configuration? More detail about what Im seeing in case it helps... When I use ARCs standard Roli project, the Hbridge PWM Movement control works fine. When I attempt the same behavior with Tutorial 43 code from the C# SDK, I do not get the same...

Client Mode Wifi Connection Question

I just received the Roli with EZ-B v4. I successfully connected via AP mode and loaded the EZ-B v4 admin page in a web browser. Using the admin page, I changed to client mode, entering my wifi SSID and password. The EZ-B v4 is now successfully connected to the wifi network. I no longer connect my PC directly to it, but instead have my PC connect to...
Brookstone Rover 2.0 Support?

Brookstone Rover 2.0 Support?

Moving an e-mail thread with Alan to the forum, since others may also have the same questions I do about Rover 2.0 support: Question from me: When (if ever) do...

Aforge.Net Conflict With Sdk

How can I use the latest version of AForge.NET side by side with the EZ-Robot SDK? Since the SDK has an aforge.dll and already uses AForge, I get a conflict when I try to include the actual AForge.NET dlls in the same project. Ive tried using extern alias to separate the two in my own code, but still get the conflict. I believe extern alias wont...
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