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Affordable Compact Mini Pc'S

Here's a page on GearBest that filters all mini pc's which will run Windows 8/8.1/10

For the prices, i'm impressed!


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If you take out the Windows 8 filter, the voyo v2 shows up in the list. Runs Windows 10 and I am very impressed with it. (picked one up a couple of weeks ago).



i just bought a few, so we'll see how they work. But wow, those prices are crazy cheap - considering what you get. Here's the ones i just purchased..

Built-in battery (gets hot). Doesn't charge when it's plugged in and powered on. Not a fan of this one.


Built-in touch screen (awesome!)


This one is awesome as well, requires 5v power


I will be putting these into a bunch of robots that need full-time processing. Such as the ATAT walker, the InMoov, Omnibot 2000, Omnibot 5402, and some others.

@alan, yeah i saw that last minute after i posted. I changed the link to include Windows 10 in the search. Pretty amazing prices. Where did you find out about it? It popped up in my facebook feed, of all places

#3 did a review and giveaway of the voyo. I posted about it here



Nice! Missed that thread, geez. I did forget to select USA power adapters - so i contacted them, hopefully they change my order lol

With computing power, storage and capabilities at those prices... don't know why anyone would bother with a raspberry pi or beagleboard! The zero makes sense for iot and media center - but wow, some of those are amazingly priced for the featureset


@Alan.... How long does that 5000mah battery last? Did you use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard or could you just VNC into it?


The voyo looks like a pretty good option. I will have to keep an eye on this. With the components that are on the computer, I would expect the battery to last about 6 to 8 hours mainly because you are not driving a display with the battery. The ssd drive should make it pretty responsive.


From looking at the review it looks like it will run closer to 10 hours using the 5000mah battery. It is pulling about 450ma to run the device. Pretty impressive.


Well, from what I can tell, the one he tested was the 8000mah battery version which looks like it doesn't include the SSD, so, maybe closer to the 8 hour mark with the added power consumption of the ssd I would guess.

Anyway, will be watching to see if anyone gets one and how it works out.


I think the SSD is really an SD Card. Windows is treating it as external storage, so that could impact lifespan. The documentation is a pretty poor translation from Chinese, so there are a few knowlexge gaps, but it runs smooth and fast, and boots up lightning quick. You need to hold the power button for about 10 seconds to boot it up, but 12 seconds after that it is fully booted and ready to run. My laptop takes longer than that to wake from sleep and takes nearly 2 minutes to fully boot.



One weird thing... It has 2 USB ports, but one of them is a micro. You would think looking at it that you could charge from the micro-port, but you can't. It is data only. You need to use the included power cord to power it/charge the battery. Also, the charger doesn't seem to have enough juice to both run it and charge the internal battery at the same time. You need to power it down to charge up the battery, and at least the first time I charged it, it took over a day to fully charge.

The review on Makeuseof indicated that the battery would not work as a UPS, that you had to boot up on battery for it to run on battery, but he was testing the 8000mah version and seemed to have some other quirks I have not seen. The 5000mah version with SSD, the battery absolutely works as a UPS.

I have used an OTG cable to attach the micro-USB to external storage. I haven't tried connecting to another PC to see what each sees.


United Kingdom


Thinking of getting the Vensmile W10 Mini, very similar spec to the VOTO, but has 2 USB's fully ports and a mini USB slot, also has a TF Card slot, which I want.

But you mentioned in one of your posting the SSD for the VOTO, is actually a SD card, so I assume the VOTO has a SD slot, it doesn't mention that on the product description?

Can you confirm the the VOTO has a SD card slot?

The VOTO is cheaper than the Vensmile, so if the VOTO has a SD slot I'll go for that one.

Cheers, Chris.


The VOTO does not have an SD card slot, but I think it is using an SD card internally, not a real ssd drive based on how Windows is treating the drive as removable storage, and the low cost.


#13 @cem, Here is one that looks like it might have the features you are looking for.

It is about double the price but is available locally to you.

There website in england...

United Kingdom

@Alan, thanks for the clarification.

@Dave, thanks for the information it looks good. As you say its pricey, but does have what I'm looking for, I'll compare with the 'Vensmile' on the GearBest website, as they also have a UK warehouse and stock of the 'Vensmile'

Cheers, Chris.


Has anyone used one of these:

I like having the screen on it. and it's in the U.S. warehouse.

No battery but my initial project and several others are not mobile robots, so wired power is fine.


@kennard42, I read a review of it that was pretty bad.




It has met its funding goal. Hopefully they can deliver as it looks promising for robotics. I like the built in arduino capability along with it running windows 10. It could be a perfect fit for a small computer to run ARC with a few other options.


@David.... Wow... I am seriously considering one.... I didn't see specs about power consumption, however. Still, a robot with this, a usb (or wfi) EZb4 and ARC would rock.... This would be great with inMoov

I asked this before, but how difficult is it to VNC into something like this? I prefer headless robot systems... I have done it on Linux uBuntu, but I am unfamiliar on how to VNC from one Windows PC to another Windows PC...


It is easy. VNC can be used or a couple of other options. VNC isnt really that secure so there are a lot of companies that remove it from their environment. Its great for non business type things.


I just downloaded RealVNC... works great.... The personal version is free for up to 5 pc's... Now I am going to have another look at the panda :)


found this in their qa section

Creator Lattepanda 2 days ago @MP, thanks for your support and view about our project. I'm a robotics engineer also. I understand power consumption is quite important spec for quadcopter and mobile robots.

  1. As a mentioned in the earlier reply, the power consumption is about 0.8A when running Windows 10 default startup programs. It's relative to your cpu usage rate.
  2. We integrate a battery connector on the back of the board. And LattePanda supports MicroUSB charging feature when the lipo battery capacity is lower than 4000mAh. For a longer term portable application. We suggest to use an external USB power supply with 2A output.
  3. We tested Kinect with LattePanda and build an simple interactive project demo using Processing. The 3D modeling demo with quadcopter is connecting a rplidar laser scanner from DFRobot to LattePanda. If you're interested, please check the link below. 4.Haha. Glad to hear that you've lots of questions. In my view, that means you have lots of ideas with our product. Hope you will share with us. :)

Creator Lattepanda 2 days ago @thelostswede, thanks for the chip solution recommendation! Our engineers will check it directly. Appreciate you help. And our teams' soul is trying our best to make things happen.

Creator Lattepanda 2 days ago @Jonathan Booker and Andy Greenhough, The power consumption is about 0.8A running with Windows default startup programs. It's about 1.3A @ 70% cpu usage when a USB keyboard and mouse are connected.


So I guess about an amp or so with ARC running (just guessing).... Not horrible but it is more than I expected considering the other options mentioned in this thread....

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Thanks for sharing, this does look very good to use on my Inmoov, I like the dual display/ HDMI ports options and that the enhanced version come with a 7" display.

Serviously thinking in pledging for one of these!



@Richard, tightvnc is free free. However, if you are looking at control over the internet, you either need to forward ports (not recommended, particularly if you are remoting into multiple devices) or a VPN.

For internet remote control, Teamviewer is a good free choice, or for a small yearly subscription, Splashtop Remote is a great choice because it is optimized for video, so seeing what your robot sees works better than virtually any of the other remote control solutions.

Re: the Lattepanda, very interesting. I have unfortunately been burned by a couple of kickstarters that fully funded and then did not meet expectations in final product quality, so I prefer in most cases now for a product to come to market and get some real-life reviews even though it means losing out on the kickstarter perk pricing. At least one of the devices I funded for $20 can now be bought on flash sale sites for $1 because it was such a failure that they can't unload their inventory at a profit.



@Alan... Thanks.... I have Teamviewer installed which is great... At this point I was just wanting the ability to control/adjust/program ARC within my own network... I like the idea of a headless system so I needed someway to "vnc" in should I need to tweak code in ARC on the robot PC....

I'll check out Tightvnc, though... Thanks :)


I took a chance on this one. If others want to wait for me to review it, it might be worth your while. I will post a review when/if I get it.


Dear All,

I'm Lauren from LattePanda team. I've played with Arduino for 5 years. I've used HTPC and android tablet with Arduino to build my mobile robot for several years, like remote Skype streaming, real time controlling and obstacle avoidance.

Honestly LattePanda's based on the proven reliable technical solution from tablet market using Intel chip. The original purpose to do this funding project is just to create more compact and easy to use Robot brain for ourselves also.

Though the Kickstarter project are not all achieved and some of them failed to deliver the product. But we've the finished prototype and more than 3 years PCB production experience. Hope that you could support us to make it available to the market. Thanks. :)


Hi Lauren,

If you would take the time to read this thread I think you will better understand the products here and understand the reason that some are excited about your product in this community.

Your product looks great. I hope you guys deliver. It will be a great addition to our builds.


Hi.I am back,time to work on my projects. I just got this for my home automation and media and it works great

mini pc


I'd like to resurrect this thread. It's been 8 months and a lot of things have changed in the PC market (not surprising).

Looks like the LattePanda is now shipping in two versions (and they also offer a bunch of accessories). 2G of RAM and 32GB of storage (with Win10 product key) priced at $109 USD, and the upgraded, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (without Win10 product key) priced at $139 UDS. :

2G of RAM and 32GB of storage (with Win10 product key)

4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (without Win10 product key)

I'm real tempted to get the 4GB version. With this upgraded version I'd also have to buy a Win 10 product key for about $70 (unsure on this price).

I'm wondering after 8 months have passed is this is still a good choice for a power user of ARC? Is there now better mini pc's out there? I see a few that are in the Kickstarter phase.

Also wondering if the newly announced but not yet shipping V5 EZB with the added Mini PC will blow this LattePanda away and better to wait for it's release. I wont really need to buy till later in this year but I'm getting geared to switching over to an onboard PC and dumping the laptop. :) If the V5 is still a year or more out till release I'm going to invest in a good powerful mini PC instead. ;)


Not sure about the LattePanda mini comps, but I ordered the Pipo linked from beginning of this thread. And I can say it's super impressive. Quad core, win 8.1 dual boot, 2 or 4 gig of ram....on and on. The screen is hi res 1080 and is a touch screen. 32 gig space. For $109. And they have a new model the x9 since this thread started. All available in Amazon. I will be placing one in my b9 for sure. It's small enough to fit through the vents, so I'm placing mine on a drawer slide that comes out from the vent.


Dave I looked into the video of the two guys who started that Kickstarter campaign Lattepanda. And I have to say this is who EZ Robots should be partnering with. That's an impressive device and about 1/3rd the cost of the joule. I'll have to get one to play with.


I really like the Pepo X. However it's 8.54 x 5.98 x 2.4 inches. Wonder if that would fit through the lower vent? Too lazy right now to go down and measure.

However the LattePanda does offer a 4 GB model where the only choice on Pepo is 2 GB. When buying a computer I have always leaned towards buying as much power and storage as I can afford. These days it's hard to compare though. So many variables, so many choices. I like the Kangaroo Pro also! eek


My concern with all of these is that in April/May time frame, Intel announced that they will be dropping the Atom line of processors. It looks like the Joule replaced the Atom.

You can look at this one of two ways. Either buy up what you can now, or avoid them right now. for the DIY guys, I would be buying. If you have a product, I would be avoiding knowing that you will need to use either an ARM processor and Linux or a Joule proc and Windows.

I believe the cost of the Joule will come down because if this is what windows based phones and tablets will run on, there will be many produced driving down the cost. If they are going to compete with ARM, they will have to drop the price of the Joule drastically. If they want the DIY community to accept them as their marketing states, the cost will have to drop drastically.

The other option is that Microsoft gives up on Intel and developes an OS that runs on ARM processors. They have started this with Windows 10 IoT. It would be logical for them to go forward down this path I suppose buy doubt it.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure people know about Intel'so announcement before buying these cheap pc's.


Thanks David. You haven't made my decision any easier. LOL. However it's good to know. Knowledge is power! ;)


Dave they do have a 4 gig model 64 gig drive win 10 for $166

Pipo 9x

The width of this model is bigger then the x8 but is 5.8 inches wide. My torso is in my storage so I can't measure side vent but seems like it should fit. Hopeful thinking?


David C has a good point but I don't mind something that's obsolete in a bit of time because by the time I decide to upgrade will be in a couple years then who knows what we will have by then. i say buy up as many as we have time for. Is the Intel cherry trail a version of the Atom? Edit: seems yes the Surface pro 3 has them


Anyone here running windows 10 full version on an Atom Cherry Trail (Pipo 9xs, Lattepanda, etc) ?


Yes, Lattepanada loaded with windows 10 pro, only received it yesterday so haven't had a chance to load anything other than windows yet




Can i ask you a favor ?

Can you run the command dxdiag on your windows 10 @ lattepanda

Then click on "Save all information"

it will ask where you want to create the file to save the information.

Can you email me the information captured, my email is in the profile.

windows dxdiag is a directx diagnostic tool, and generates a file with information reported by the hardware & drivers.

That will help me to understand what is really available.



Hi @nick777 & @ptp,

Please post a review on your Latte Panda. I am interested in getting a couple for two separate projects and plan on running ARC, a web cam and of course an EZ- B. I plan to connect the EZ- B via usb when it becomes available. I will also be using the 7 " screen.

Thanks, Ron


sorry guys, been busy with other things, will post a review as soon as I get a chance to play with the board a little more


Oh this sounds cool...I was also having an eye on the Latte Panda! :)